Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three Sisters

There are three large rocks known as the three sisters on the Potomac River near Georgetown. The rocks are part of a submerged reef that sits in the water. The rocks got their insidious name over a hundred years ago, when a boat carrying three sisters who had set out was wrecked against the rocks. The three sisters drowned.

People who live near the shore where the accident happened have reportedly heard the moans of the ghostly women. This is an area that many accidents happen, much more so than at any other spot on the river. Numerous boats have wrecked and many swimmers have drowned. Moaning is often reported above the sound of wind and rushing water.

Some of the few survivors report that the last thing seen is the dark form of the "sisters rocks."

Back in 1889 the sound of the moaning awoke some people living near the rocks. The sound started at midnight, and the people woke up and prayed for the inevitable next victims. Just twelve-hours later a boat came down the Potomac river with a young man pulling the oars. Unpexected current pulled it off course and, in the tumult, bashed it against one fht rocks, shattering the wooden boat and pummeling the man, who ultimately drowned. (Reportedly, his body was not reclaimed from the river for over one week.)

People not experienced with the particularly insidious nature of the Potomac River's strong, capricious flows and often wildly erratic currents with large stone outcroppings often simply do not understand how treacherous it really is. It is a dangerous and merciless killer.

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