Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cool Pool Story plus Woodrow Wilson's Ghost

Info on the HITT HOUSE MEDALION- the one over the pool of the house on S street above the Spanish steps:

Congressman Robert R. Hitt 1834-1906
Hand picked by Lincoln to take short hand notes during the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates in Illinois in 1858.
He died in 1906. His house which once stood on New Hampshire Ave. was destroyed the Medalions were salvaged and lost for some time.
This house was not built- with the medallions until 1908....

George and Selina Renchard moved one of the medallions to their manse on S. St. They were killed in an automobile accident in Saudi Arabia in 1982( a sandstorm was the decided cause) in a car their son Ronald was driving; he was actually charged with something from it and served a very brief time in the brig there.

Since the placements of the medallions over the pool in the back people who have spent time in the pool area have often decided it was nearly as enjoyable as they had hoped. There's often a eerie feeling of being watched while in this area below the medallion. And often one has a feeling of emptiness and depression the more time they spend in the pool area.

Supposedly another spirit that walks the area of the Spanish Steps is that of a near death Woodrow Wilson. His home is around the corner on S Street and the sounds that became associated with him after his stroke, the shuffling of feet and the thump of his cane as he doddled about have been said to have been heard walking about the spanish steps and the sidewalk between here and his home.

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