Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O Street Mansion or Shower Story

When we started researching our plans for this Ghost tour and looking for ghost sightings and stories we wished we had something for the O Street Mansion. Our search led no where and we gave up.
It wasn't until our friend Clift who often gives this tour told of a personal event that happened here at the O Street Mansion. He said about three years ago that a good friend of his saw her dead husband standing on the staircase as if he were still alive.
In 2005 Joe, a reserve police officer was working the intersection of M and Wisconsin Avenue when he was struck and killed by an SUV. He and his wife Ella were the managers of Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown. They had attended many events here at the O Street Mansion. But in 2007 was the first time that Ella had visited the mansion since her husband's death. When she walked in she hung her coat and turned toward the stairs and there stood Joe plain as day staring back at her.
Ella is a very sensible woman so it was a bit of a shock to hear her tell such a tale. But I guess it's one more account that very possibly spirits of the dead remain with us unable to leave those places they frequented in life.

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